Comprehensive Website Speed Optimization

Is a slow website harming your business? Our team will speed it up and fix it for you.

Faster websites convert more business.

67% of all buyers leave slow websites.

Many businesses suffer from a lack of conversions from their website or poor search performance due to slow loading times for key pages on their website. With the fast-paced nature of Internet it is crucial your web page catches the attention of the visitor immediately. The longer it takes to load the content on the page, the greater the possibility they will leave your page before you even have an opportunity to market to them. Our experts will analyze your website, identify common causes of slow loading times, and implement bug fixes and caches to improve your site loading times.

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Media Optimization

Media Optimization Faster Load Times

Videos and images are the most common culprit of slow loading times. With the rise of online caching services, there are numerous ways to improve your website's loading time. Our experts will analyze your website's platform, where your audience is located, and how your website was built to determine the best approach.

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Our Comprehensive Web Optimization Service

Increase website speed and user retention.
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    Media Optimization

    We convert and cache images and video into the correct location on the correct servers to improve loading times and improve your conversion rate.

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    Pages plagued by spaghetti code or non-standard coding practices can be quickly rectified by our agile development team.

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    Web Hosting Analysis

    We take a look at your hosting platform to ensure your website is hosted in an environment capable of serving your content quickly to the right audience.

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    Mobile Optimization

    Your website's mobile performance is analyzed and improved upon to improve loading times and optimize content for mobile web browsers.

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    Caching Strategy

    We analyze different caching services based on your needs and the level of flexibility your team requires to continue to build upon your website.

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    Ongoing Support

    Our team is well versed in numerous programming languages, open-source and closed-source content platforms, and agile development frameworks.

We re-develop for better performance.

Our experts optimize code for 20% better performance.

Technology changes rapidly. What worked even a year ago could be outdated. Our team analyzes your website and identified common causes for slowdown in code obsolescence and code which relies on outdated versions of web technologies. We recreate custom websites through frameworks like Yii and Laravel for a faster development and launch cycle. Our clients enjoy the benefit of a faster which is less error-prone, leading to not only a higher conversion rate, but improved search positioning as a result of the faster loading times.

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Web Hosting Analysis

Web Hosting Analysis Faster Web Hosting

Not all hosting is created equal. We analyze your web hosting situation and determine whether or not the current solution is capable of handling the amount of traffic sent to it. While caching services and code optimization can improve a situation, if the hosting solution is less than ideal, it will negatively impact loading times.

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We cache websites for less server stress.

Cached websites are 65% faster worldwide.

One of the most effective approaches to improving a website's speed is by caching media content and pages using a "Content Delivery Network". We perform an in-depth analysis into your existing website and its compatibility with different caching technologies, allowing for our team to determine the best fit for your specific needs. Our clients not only benefit from the speed increase of their caching strategy and the resulting benefits to their conversions and SEO initiatives, they benefit from the ability to scale their website with their growth.

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Great return on investment.

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73% of the website speed optimization campaigns fail. You deserve the best.

73% of the website speed optimization campaigns fail. You deserve the best.

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