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Your customers are on Facebook. Ensure your buyers have a positive image of your brand.

Improve conversion rates with reviews.

Convince buyers with positive reviews from real clients.

Your customers are on Facebook. Chances are they will come across your business on the site. Do you know what types of reviews are on your listing? We help businesses take control of their reviews on one of the largest sources of online reviews. Whether you're looking for help maintaining a positive ratio in your reviews or are looking for assistance in resolving negative reviews with a positive outlook, we can help you steer the narrative in a positive direction. We are passionate about helping you turn your reviews around, turning them into a powerful marketing tool for your business.

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Quick Responses

Quick Responses Buyer Engagement

Responding to a negative review is a great way to deal with the issue. Many shoppers understand there are two sides to a story and making an effort to set things right can result in the review being updated to a positive experience. We do the heavy lifting for you to tell the right story and resolve negative reviews.

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Positive reviews on Facebook lead to a better sales outlook.

68% of all buyers will check Facebook first. Make sure they see a positive image for your brand.
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    Review Analysis

    We analyze statements in reviews that follow a common pattern, producing feedback to help put your right foot forward.

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    Proactive responses are made towards negative reviews in order to deal with the core issue and restore brand confidence.

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    Positive Reinforcement

    Positive reviews are reinforced through thankful responses and general appreciation shown to your customers.

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    Review Generation

    We help you develop a plan to generate additional reviews for your Facebook listing.

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    Your Facebook page and other channels are used as a means to highlight positive reviews and draw attention to the positivity of your brand.

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    Sentiment Analysis

    Your custom report will give you an idea of what your clients are saying about you and what you can do to improve the sentiment.

We generate reviews on Facebook.

Increase review generation by 280% for increased sales.

One of the best ways to deal with negative reviews is to get positive reviews from your clients. You have customers who would be willing to leave a review on your Facebook page if you would only ask. We have a variety of strategies to use to organically drive your paying customers to leave reviews while also producing compelling strategies to convince those that may not want to invest the time in leaving a review. This ensures your customers are actively engaged in proving the quality of the products and/or services you're offering. Let their words speak volumes.

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Eclipse Negative Reviews

Eclipse Negative Reviews New Reviews to Replace the Bad

Sometimes negative reviews don't tell an accurate picture. Whether it's a hostile ex-employee, a competitor within your industry, or a malicious party attacking you, we take action to remove the reviews that clearly violate the terms or are including fictitious or false information in the content of their reviews.

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Reward your positive reviewers.

Reinforcement leads to more frequent reviews.

The most consistent way to maintain positivity online is to become that beacon of positivity. We use positive reinforcement as a way to highlight those which take the time to leave a positive review while engaging influential members of your local or online community for positive reviews and reinforcement. By being engaging and being willing to have a dialog, you can both learn from your reviews and use them as a way to convince others to become involved. Positive reinforcement leads to more positive reviews and better feedback from your customers.

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75% of the Facebook management campaigns fail. You deserve the best.

75% of the Facebook management campaigns fail. You deserve the best.

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